The history of pistachio in Iran

Pistachio is a plant that has long been cultivated in Iran’s different regions. Wild forests of pistachio in the northeast of Iran and the regions bordering Turkmenistan and Afghanistan have an ancient history.It is thought that pistachio has been cultivated and domesticated in Iran since 3-4 thousand years ago and after Iran, it has been transferred to other regions of the world, especially to the countries around the Mediterranean.The oldest areas in Iran in which pistachio is cultivated are Sarakhs, Qazvin, Semnan, Jiroft, and Damghan, where pistachio cultivation has been common.Currently, Kerman province and the city of Rafsanjan are the most important pistachio-growing areas in Iran and the world. There are more than 360 thousand hectares of fertile and non-fertile pistachio gardens in the country, of which about 280 thousand hectares are located in Kerman province.

Pistachio tree in Iran

Pistachio tree is a plant with two bases, i.e. male and female flowers are placed separately on a separate tree, and both males and females are needed to produce fruit. Pistachio treeis planted in cold regions, needs a lot of winter cold, and is resistant to cold too. The height of this tree reaches about 309 cm and itscrown is averagely394 cm. The pistachio tree blooms early, but its fruit does not bearsoon; it usually bears late and needs a lot of care so that it does not suffer from pests.


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