Pistachio Paste

Pistachio Ice Cream

Ingredients for pistachio ice cream:

  • pistachio powder 1 cup 
  • powdered sugar 6 tablespoons 
  • milk 1 full cup
  • egg 1
  • cream a 250 gram pack 
  • vanilla a quarter of teaspoon 
  • electric mixer and electric grinder

With this amount of ingredients, we will have three ice cream bowls or 10 large scoops of "pistachio ice cream".

How to prepare pistachio ice cream:

Put a 250 gram pack of cream (at least 30% fat) in the freezer for two hours, then pour it into a bowl, add three tablespoons of powdered sugar to it, and beat with an electric mixer for about five minutes until the cream hardens and forms (if when opening the cream package, a little milk was separated from it, discard the milk in order that the cream thickens and forms better.)

Add three tablespoons of powdered sugar and a quarter of a teaspoon of vanilla to the egg and beat it by an electric mixer until it becomes completely creamy and elastic.

Add a cup of milk little by little, mix, and then add the whipped cream. 

Put the pistachio ice cream in the freezer for about two hours so that the ice cream starts to freeze. Then, take it out of the freezer, mix by a fork or hand mixer, and put it in the freezer again for another two hours. Then, take it out and mix. This time the ice cream will be firmer.

At this stage, add a cup of pistachio powder (ground pistachio), mix, and place in a closed container in the freezer for 24 hours to make the ice cream prepared. Then, pull it with a special ice cream spoon in the serving dish.

The amount of calories in total ice cream is 1800 kcal.

The amount of calories in a large scoop of ice cream is about 180 kcal.

The amount of calories in an ice cream bowl is about 600 kcal.



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