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Pistachio Oil

Pistachio oil is a type of food vegetable oils obtained from pistachio kernels. This pistachio kernel extract is transparent and yellow and contains 20% of various fatty acids. The fatty acids that make up this oil include: Oleic acid (omega-9 fatty acid), linoleic acid (omega-6 fatty acid), palmitic acid, stearic acid, and linolenic acid (omega-3 fatty acid). Omega-3 fatty acids reduce the risk of heart attacks, and along with omega-6 fatty acids improve the immune system and produce eicosanoids.

The properties of pistachio oil for skin and hair

  • The properties of pistachio oil for the skin are widespread and it is widely used in the production of cosmetics. This oil is a desirable moisturizer for the skin and is absorbed quickly.
  • Pistachio oil rejuvenates the skin, and using it regularly on the face prevents wrinkles around the eyes, etc. Because of being rich in vitamin E, this oil helps maintain the health and repair of skin cells.
  • Using this oil on the scalp leads to strengthen, thicken, soften, and clarify the hair and is very useful for damaged hair.

The properties of pistachio oil orally

  • Oral consumption of pistachio oil has also many therapeutic aspects. Similar to the above-mentioned properties of pistachio, this oil because of having high amounts of phosphorus strengthens intelligence and memory, and its folic acid helps the growth and development of the fetal nervous system.
  • Pistachio oil regulates heart rate and helps better oxygenate cells.
  • Due to its low carbohydrate content, pistachio oil is useful for individuals with diabetes and due to having phytosterols, it promotes heart health by lowering LDL.
  • Pistachio oil is rich in iron and its oral consumption is useful for individuals with anemia.
  • Because of its antioxidant substances, this vegetable oil is effective to prevent cancer.
  • Also, because of having omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, it improves the immune system and helps produce hormone-like compounds involved in platelet aggregation, vascular contractions, allergic reactions, immunity, and inflammatory states.
  • Oral consumption of pistachio oil is effective to treat hypertension and generally it has a special role in heart health.

How to use pistachio oil

How to use pistachio oil for the skin: For this purpose, first wash the skin with lukewarm water and a mild cleanser. Then gently massage a tablespoon of pistachio oil on the skin, so that no greasy trace remains on the skin. This oil is rapidly absorbed and does not cause greasy and sticky mode. To get the desired result, you should do the process every night for 6 weeks.

How to use pistachio oil for hair: Gently massage two tablespoons of pistachio oil on the hair and scalp, then cover your head with a clean towel or scarf and let it stand for 30 minutes. Then wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

How to use pistachio oil orally: This oil is suitable to be used along with salads, fruit juices, and soups. Note that high heat will destroy the properties of pistachio oil.

How to prepare pistachio oil at home

To prepare homemade pistachio oil, first peel some fresh pistachios and separate their green dry skins. Roast the separated pistachio kernels in a pan over a low heat until the kernels are slightly roasted. Then grind them so that they completely turn into soft powder.

In the next step, add some lukewarm water to it and grind the pistachio kernels again to become dough-shaped. Pour the dough into a clean cloth, press the cloth, and collect the pure pistachio oil in a clean dish.

The extraordinary properties of original pistachio oil:

Regulating heart rate by pistachio oil

Because pistachio oil does not contain harmful fatty acids, it regulates heart rate and helps deliver oxygen to tissues and cell formation.

Strengthening the skin and clarifying hair by pistachio oil

Pistachio oil is one of the oils widely used in cosmetics. Pistachio oil does not cause stickiness on the skin; it is a good option for face and body massage as a cream or lotion; and it polishes the hair and prevents wrinkles around the eyes or on the face at older ages.

Treating diabetes by pistachio oil

Pistachio oil is a good alternative for foods or oils that are rich in sugar and carbohydrates. For this reason, doctors advise all diabetics to use this oil, which is not harmful at all.

Healing and improving all kinds of wounds

Due to having essential (monounsaturated) fatty acids, pistachio oil has led researchers and physicians to use this oil extract for sterile gas and wound healing resulted from deep surgeries, because the fatty acids in pistachio oil turn into fibroblasts which help improve wounds effectively.

Repairing the skin by using pistachio oil

Pistachio oil can perform the function of collagen production efficiently. As you know, this oil is a rich source of useful vitamins such as vitamin E. This oil can be used to repair the skin. To do this, just use the oil regularly to eliminate the wrinkles around the eyes. Moreover, it has antioxidant properties which can prevent premature aging.

Strengthening memory and nerves

Pistachio oil, like pistachio, is a rich source of phosphorus which is very useful to increase consciousness and to strengthen memory. If you use this oil orally, it can relieve your nervous tensions.

Treating anemia by using pistachio oil

Pistachio is full of iron that can be used to treat anemia. If you have anemia, it is necessary to use raw pistachio or pistachio oil because it is a good source for providing iron in the body. To do this, just eat pistachio oil or raw pistachio in the morning to completely treat anemia.

Cancer prevention by antioxidant properties of pistachio oil

As you know, pistachio is full of antioxidants that you can regularly use to prevent various cancers.

Treating blood pressure by eating pistachio oil

Having potassium and magnesium, this oil can be effective for the body, so that if you have hypertension, you need to add this oil to your diet to completely treat your disease for some time.

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