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Ario Trading Company is one of the leading suppliers and exporters in the field of Iranian pistachio types and pistachio products in the world.We believe that food security is the right of all consumers in every social class, sowe make effort; increase our knowledge;and usespecialized and committed force, modern technology, and appropriate packaging to offer the best products in export markets.In order to ensure the quality of its export pistachio products, this complex has taken great steps toward achieving international standards for pistachio production.Basically, relying on three decades of experience,Ario Trading Company prefers quality over quantity, has set its goals and policies on the right values, and has tried to continuously observe these values. These values are:

  • Creativity and innovation
  • Customer orientation: prioritize customer preferences, preferring being the best over being the first
  • Responsibility: accountability, commitment, social responsibilities
  • Happiness and health: attention to staff health, attention to family health
  • Competitiveness: speed in business development, organizational agility, dynamic manpower
  • Knowledgeorientation and learning: specialism, scientism, research orientation and learning
  • Teamwork: organizational participation, collective wisdom, teamwork, empathy
  • Organizational citizenship behavior: honesty, respect, intimacy, belonging
ARIO Pistachio Quality ARIO Pistachio Quality
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