Pistacho Dessert

Pistachio dessert has a beautiful and attractive appearance, especially when it is decorated with edible silver foil. Pistachio dessert is among those desserts that you can prepare in advance.

Ingredients for pistachio dessert:

  • water 850 ml
  • pistachio kernel: 225 g
  • high-fat milk powder: 225 g
  • sugar: 500 g
  • cardamom with crushed seeds: 2 pieces
  • rosewater: 2 tablespoons
  • not grinded saffron: some

Ingredients for decorating pistachio dessert:

  • peeled almonds: 25 g 
  • mint leaves: some 

How to prepare pistachio dessert:

Pour about 600 ml or 1 cup of water into the pot and let it boil. After the water boils, remove the pot from the heat and soak the pistachios in it for 5 minutes. Then, drain the pistachios and remove the second shell.

Chop the pistachios in a blender or pound them in a mortar.

Add milk powder to pistachios and mix well.

To prepare the syrup, pour the rest of the water and sugar into a frying pan and place it on the medium heat. When the liquid starts to harden, add cardamom, saffron, and rosewater.

Add the syrup to the pistachio mixture and stir regularly for 5 minutes until the mixture becomes completely firm. Now set the prepared mixture aside to cool slowly.

When the mixture is cooled enough, cut it into small balls by hand and garnish with peeled almonds and mint leaves. Allow it to become firm enough before serving.

Chef’s advice to prepare pistachio dessert:

Instead of buying ready-made pistachio powder, it is better to buy pistachio kernels and grind them yourself. Fresh nuts powder tastes better than those that have lost their natural oil.

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