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Pistachio Biscuit

How to prepare pistachio flower biscuits


egg = 1 

butter (at room temperature) = 150 g

liquid oil = 1 cup

vanilla = 1 teaspoon

powdered sugar = 1 cup

baking powder  = 1 teaspoon

flour  = 4 to 4.5 glasses

Ingredients for inside the biscuits:

pistachio kernels = as needed (chopped)

How to prepare:

Pour the butter into a bowl; add the eggs, liquid oil, and powdered sugar and mix well. Then add the flour, baking powder, and vanilla to the ingredients little by little, mix, and knead to get soft dough. Now, separate and take some pieces from the dough in the size of a walnut; fill the middle of them with a mixture of chopped pistachio kernels and powdered sugar; close and round them; then place them in flower-shaped pastry molds (or any mold that is available) and press, so that the biscuits are patterned; put parchment paper on the bottom of the oven tray and then place the biscuits in the tray; place the tray in the preheated 175 °C oven to bake the biscuits. Take the sweets out of the oven, sprinkle powdered sugar on them, and serve in the desired dish. 

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